“You may be unaware of the lives you have changed…”

I wanted to take this time to thank all those involved who make the Backpack Buddies Program possible. I am aware of how much time, money, manpower, love and dedication it takes to make program like this work. You may be unaware of the lives you have changed because of this program. Thus, I decided to give you the story of one little boy in the second grade here at Ashville Elementary School. For privacy sake, I have changed his name and will refer to him as Jack.

Jack’s mother recently passed aware after being in and out of the hospital all last year. Previously, Jack spent many weekends staying at the hospital with mom and the Backpack of food was a life saver for him. This summer, Jack was with his mother when she died. Jack does not know who his biological father is, there his grandmother is now raising him. Grandmother works a full-time job and does her best to make ends meet. When I called grandmother about renewing Jack for the Backpack Buddy program she wept with appreciation.

Jack’s is just one story at our school. When Jack and other receive their food on Fridays, it is like a little mini-Christmas. Each child is so happy to see what is in their bag of goodies!

Our friends at The Gathering Place Church not only assist in providing the Backpack Program, but they also provide snacks for the children at school. In fact, whatever the need has been, they have been there for the children: a change of socks, or underwear, hygiene supplies-you name it, they get it!

Again, on behalf of Ashville Elementary and our students, I wanted to express my gratitude to all involved and to let you know that you may not see the results of your generosity, but I promise you the impact is enormous!

With Most Sincere Thanks,

Anita W.

Ashville Elementary School Counselor